White Label

*(Available for Overseas Market Only)

Any industry has a communication at its heart. Whichever industry vertical you refer, it needs to communicate with different entities for one purpose or another. There are many modes of communication used by the business people. The VoIP mobile dialer is the next new thing in the corporate world. The businesses and corporate houses can impart maximum benefits by making VoIP mobile dialer app an intuitive part of their life. This info shares the key benefits of the dialer app, which will aid your decision of getting a white-label Mobile Dialer Application.

What is White-label Mobile Dialer App?

The white-label dialer application will be integrated under your company’s brand. It means, the app will have the look and feel of your brand. It will have your company’s name, logo and all other Branding factors. In a nutshell, you can represent it as your own dialer application.

Key Benefits of VoIP Mobile Dialer Application

Easy To Use

The VoIP-based mobile dialer app is just like any other normal mobile application. To use it, you just need to download it on your mobile device and you are ready to go. It supports almost all types of mobile devices and thus, it can be used with any device with the same experience.

Richer Communication

The VoIP dialer mobile application comes with the rich communication features. Now, you can conduct different modes of communication with the people, which includes: Audio Calls, Video Calls, Conference and Chat. Moreover, you can also share files and images with each other to transform your simple communication to an advanced business meeting.

Reduced Cost

The mobile dialer application uses the VoIP signaling for conducting calls and conferences. This reduces the communication cost remarkably compared to the traditional communication mediums such as PSTN.

Branding Benefits

As the white-label mobile dialer app is developed with your branding, it gives great “Brand” benefits. You can keep this app private for your business or make it public. In both cases, as many people use your VoIP mobile dialer application as much your brand will be ignited. We offer white label VoIP Mobile Dialer application with your theme integration.

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